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  1. Hello Loves!

  2. Mother and creator are two passionate roles I always knew would become my greatest purposes. I'm grateful every day to have been blessed with two beautiful children, a husband to cherish, and close family & friends for which I'd do anything. #momlife #wife #family

  3. Cherishing my independence is just as important. Whether I'm creating my latest looks, obsessing over classic and current fashion ideas, drooling over a piece of vintage, writing, or catching up on reading, I'm in a very happy place. #pursuehappy 

  4. My vintage collection is my 3rd baby and oh my how it has grown over the years! #apieceofvintage

  5. I have been creating styles for myself and others for as long as I can remember. I remember always having an open to door to my open closet as it brought me joy to make others feel good about themselves in their own skin even if it was just clothing. I sit here and wonder where some of those pieces went to, am I right? ;) #stylist

  6. Time spent with yourself makes you indispensable everywhere else in life. So remember to take time for yourself! #selfcare

  7. Feeling like you're exactly where you need to be in life is a beautiful thing. I may burst at the seams with all the things I am trying to build, create, and be all while being a present parent, but hey...if it brings you joy ;) #bringsyoujoy

  8. Some days you need jazz and some days you need gangster rap!​ Some days I need VOGUE and some days I need The New Yorker. #reader #vogue #thenewyorker

  9. 'The Blush Influence' is everything I hold dear enough in my own life I undoubtedly feel I must share it with anyone who wants to listen. #theblushinfluence

  10. ​Thanks for being here loves! Your support means more than you'll ever know. 

  11. Lets continue to create and grow together!


"Expression takes heart and courage to cultivate."

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